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57 Pricing Strategies to Raise Your Prices

Here’s how to go from a disgruntled price-taker to a cheerful profit-maker, and never have to chase the ‘lowest bid’ clients EVER AGAIN!

Dear hard-working business owner or professional,

Are you confused about Pricing Strategies?

Are you struggling to make ends meet in your business or practice?

If you’re just scraping by, then perhaps you are not charging enough for all the hard work you put, day-in, day-out, into your business.

If your business runs on tight margins you’ll struggle to have a successful business, as so much energy has to be focused on you just ‘staying’ in business.

Dr Greg Chapman on Pricing Strategies on
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Many hard-working business owners work long, back-breaking, hours servicing clients, sorting orders, and taking care of all the gruelling nitty-gritty ‘stuff’ without making a decent profit at the end of the week…

If your business is not making enough profit, then you don’t have a business… you have a charity!

Imagine if you knew about which pricing strategies that would allow you to increase your prices by 10%, 15% or 20% … you could probably spend fewer hours in the office, or servicing clients, while earning more!

In just a minute, you’ll learn how you can not only increase your prices or service fee by 20%, but by 40%, 50%, 80% and more, without losing sales. Would that make a difference to your bottom line?

Of course, you can’t just put your prices up tomorrow and expect your clients to happily keep buying from you as if nothing happened unless you followed the appropriate pricing strategies. If you did that, you’d probably lose most of your business. You need the right way to do it…

How to Increase Your prices without losing sales!

Home - How to Increase Your Prices

A special pricing strategy guide has just been published to help you start charging more for your products and services without losing sales, called How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales.

This practical, value-packed and edifying guide will open your eyes to little-known strategies and techniques that some of the most successful businesses in the world use to charge two, three and more times their competitors’ rates while earning higher profits… and enjoying greater customer loyalty!

How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales is over 115 pages organised into 12 chapters, to arm and equip you with 57 of the most current and effective pricing strategies, techniques, concepts, and principles – including 15 Guerrilla Pricing Tactics – so that anyone, in any business, will find strategies they can use to be able to increase prices without losing sales.

Each ‘pricing strategy’ is explained in plain English, with plenty of real-world examples, case studies and detailed ‘how to’ implementation steps so you understand how it could be used in your business, as soon as tomorrow.

You won’t believe how easily people start to understand and appreciate the true value of your services or products the moment you start applying the simple strategies that this guide lays out…Even if you operate in a price-conscious market… the strategies that you learn about will help you understand how you can create the right conditions by which the buyer convinces himself or herself that your higher pricing is still a bargain.

In this hands-on guide, renowned author and business leader Dr. Greg Chapman explains, in easy steps:

  • The easiest way how to increase your prices.
  • How to become ‘Reassuringly Expensive’ and never have to worry where you next sale or client is going to come from!
  • Why you have to increase your prices.
  • How to add instant value to your products and services, and be able to charge DOUBLE of what you currently do!
  • How to overcome the psychological barriers and turn ‘price-shoppers’ into excited buyers, who pay you top dollar for your products!
  • How to charge 5 to 7 times MORE than what it costs you to produce a product without having to worry where your next sales or leads will come from.
  • 57 easy-to-implement pricing strategies to help you increase your prices without losing sales.
  • A simple technique to help you discover which prices you should increase, instantly, to plug the holes in your bottom line.
  • How to use your guarantee to increase your prices.
  • How to increase your prices by packaging value.
  • How to make even your most tight-fisted clients focus on the real value of your products and services.
  • How to BREAK and destroy the powerful link between cost of service, delivery, and price.

No matter whether you run an online or offline business in retail, B2B, manufacturing or in the professional services sector, these pricing strategies will expose you to the secrets that business leaders, big brands and ‘price makers’ secretly use to become industry leaders, increase their market share, and make more sales and higher profits.

Home - How to Increase Your Prices

The book’s author, Dr. Greg Chapman, is a recognised and respected expert in the Micro and Small Business sector, asmall business and marketing educator, mentor, coach, speaker and author. As Australia’s leading advisor on ‘Emerging Businesses’ Greg has worked with hundreds of business owners across a diverse range of sectors, industries and niches in Australia and abroad.Greg also teaches business at the University of Melbourne where his top selling, internationally recognised book: The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success is on the prescribed reading list. He has also presented for the Housing Industry Association, the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Engineers Australia, the CPA as well as at industry events around the world.

He’s also a Telstra Business Awards and Marketing Communications Executives International Awards judge. His extensive business experience has involved assignments in seven countries.

Greg has been responsible for the management of businesses and projects rangingfrom the micro scale to billion dollar businesses.

What does that mean to YOU? Simply this…

Greg lives and breathes a wide range of business solutions ‘from experience’, the strategies that you learn about in How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales come not from textbooks, but from his direct knowledge and hands-on experience in the real world, running real businesses, working alongside other business leaders and assisting proactive business owners become more successful.

In How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales Greg shares what took him over two decades to discover, learn and perfect and finetune for the small business market, to help you have a more successful business showing you how to increase your prices.

What Others Say

“Price” is meeting a serious demand in the market place. It provides some ‘outside the box’ solutions as well as encouraging the reader to face the eternal question of how to increase pricing. It is not just a book of ‘tactics’; a clear pricing strategy emerges to enable price increases to be sustainable. I particularly like the way it relates pricing to marketing and provides a number of very interesting case studies. You will be able to make informed decisions and have an abundance of strategies to choose from that suit the needs of your particular business.
Barbara Gabogrecan – President Marketing and Communication Executives International

Greg’s writing style is so effortlessly read that you fly through the text and go on a journey of information. This book has given me an uncomplicated to understand insight on what many would charge $1,000’s for so that I can increase my profit by working smarter not harder. Thank you Greg I look forward to the next book full of wisdom that you write.
Samantha-Jayne Scriven – Roofix Australia

Dr Greg Chapman – Australia’s Leading Expert on Emerging Small Business has delivered yet another high quality publication for Small Business Owners who want to charge more without losing sales. Dr Chapman’s understanding of the Australian Small Business Psyche is evident in this compelling compilation of insights, strategic pricing concepts and tactics for valuing what you sell. I highly recommend Dr Chapman’s latest publication, titled ‘‘Price’ How You can Charge More Without Losing Sales’. A must read for any independent professional ready to make the income they deserve.
Greg Fellows – Dynamic Business and Training Solutions

I recently had the pleasure of reading Dr Greg Chapman’s latest book – PRICE. I thought it was excellent! He made it all sound so simple and logical. It was easy to read and understand and throughout the book he used real life stories helping the reader to grasp his concepts. I found it to be quite practical with easy to follow, step by step instructions– many of the things he suggested seemed so obvious and relevant to my business, but without the guidance of this book, it may have taken me a long time to work it out on my own. It has inspired me to do the one thing I’ve needed to do for awhile; increase my prices, and feel confident doing so.
Alyssa Goodall – From the Heart Flowers

Thank you for writing such a fantastic book! I have read it twice already and I gained lot of knowledge through that. It also help me to figure out our point of difference as a retailer. I just increased the prices by 10-20% across the range.
Sulani Perks – Tiny Tots Baby Store

How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales is a priceless guide that will show you how you can finally…

Start charging what you are truly worth, without having to give your products away for next to nothing just stay in business!

When you know how to increase your prices, the extra income goes straight to the bottomline. A 10% increase in price can double your net profit.

With the simple-to-implement pricing strategies that you learn about in How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales, you will see how you can easily increase your prices by 30%, 50% and more!

Sure, you may lose a handful of clients, but, chances are, those people are only wasting your time always looking for big discounts and bargains. So getting rid of those time-wasters – and replacing them with high-value clients – will make your life easier, will increase your sales and make your business more profitable.

Think about this…

How did you decide on your current pricing? Did you perform market research to understand what the best price for your product or service would be? Did you compare yourself to your competitors? Did you just take a wild guess?

Most hard-working business owners, instead of charging what they are truly worth, charge what they THINK their customers are prepared to pay for their product or service. Then they have to work so hard just to keep their heads above water!

You may think your customers are only interested in the offering with the lowest price. That’s true, IF you don’t have access to the pricing strategies and techniques that are put in plain words in How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales.

This is not one of those ordinary text books that you buy and forget about. It’s a hands-on guide that will show you how to increase your prices without losing sales.

A single private 1-hour consultation with Greg would cost you $970 and it would be a wise investment for your business. But, if you take action immediately you can claim Greg’s best increase-your-prices-without-losing-sales strategies for a fraction of that cost.

You can reserve your personal copy for a one-off investment of only $97 for a digital book, or $127 for a high-quality print version.

That’s just a fraction of what it took Greg to learn and discover through research, constant trial and error, and by working with some of the most successful business leaders in Australia and around the world.

While there are a few other ‘up your prices’ guides out there, they’re usually based on ‘hard-sell’ salesman approach that many professional business owners don’t feel comfortable using. That’s what makes How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales different. The pricing strategies are simple to use, easy to implement and you won’t have to ‘sell’ people on why your prices are higher than the last time they have dealt with you.

How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales will not only help you increase your prices, but also build a better relationship with your clients.

But wait! If you order immediately…

The book includes access to these SPECIAL BONUSES valued at $147…

Pricing for Profit Calculator (valued $49)

How much is your time really worth? This valuable tool will help you determine how you should calculate and set your prices so that you not only break even, but also make a handsome profit and avoid negative cash-flow.

Price Increase Priority Determinator (valued $49)

Struggling to figure how to increase your prices to the level that fits with both your lifestyle needs, and the value you deliver? This tool will take the guess-work out, by giving you the real numbers you need to work with to have a successful business and which prices you should increase first.

Price Increase Break-even Calculator (valued $49)

You can’t increase your prices without this critical tool which will help you determine your cost-volume-profit equation, or how much volume of product you must sell in order to make a profit. You will be able to run reports for various sales volumes and unit prices for each product, so you have an accurate picture of how profitable your business needs to be for you to achieve your financial goals and targets. You’ll not only be able to determine the correct price levels for every product you sell, but also determine what efforts make good business sense.

NEW: Secrets of Pricing Video

Watch while Dr Chapman explains how you should set your prices and how to achieve the prices you deserve with smart marketing strategies.

Home - How to Increase Your Prices

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Price Increase Priority DeterminatorHome - How to Increase Your Prices Home - How to Increase Your Prices Home - How to Increase Your Prices Home - How to Increase Your Prices
Price Increase Breakeven CalculatorHome - How to Increase Your Prices Home - How to Increase Your Prices Home - How to Increase Your Prices Home - How to Increase Your Prices
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VALUE TO YOU:$244$284$297$397
ONLY $97ONLY $135ONLY $136ONLY $197

Why reinvent the wheel? When you need results in your business you need them TODAY! Well, what took Greg over two decades to learn and ‘test-drive’ in the real world, you can be reading in less than 5 minutes from now and discover how to increase YOUR prices.

Don’t decide right now…

Here’s your chance to ‘test-drive’ this priceless manual without risking your own money!

This offer is all about you and your business. So Greg gives you the following guarantee: If for whatever reason, you are not absolutely satisfied with the purchase you’re making right now, you will get a full, no-questions-asked refund. You get a full 60 days to decide if you want to keep it.

You just can’t lose – so order today!

It’s so easy to get lazy in your business, get into a rut, and forget what it really takes for you to have a successful business…

You may be one of the best business owners, service providers, doctors, consultants, accountants or investment advisors, but you will struggle to make a decent profit unless you set your prices correctly – this priceless guide shows you how to do that without losing sales.

If you want to have a thriving business – and still have a life – you must be making a healthy profit… and a little bit on top!

How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales will help you to take an unbiased look at your business, and finetune your pricing structure so it reflects the real value of your products and services.

It will show you how to make an increase not only acceptable, but also expected and appreciated!

As soon as you increase your prices, you should be able to spend fewer hours in the office and have more time for yourself and your family!

PS. You can easily increase your income and grow your business with How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales. This priceless guide comes with $147 in real bonuses, plus an unconditional Money Back Guarantee for your own peace of mind.